Homeless Assistance

Helping Iowans get back on their feet and gain successes not only in housing, but also in employment, health and a fresh start.

A combination of bad luck and some poor decisions in the past led us to living in our truck with just a little gas and no money to our names. Once we knew we had a place to call home and shower every night, we were both able to quickly gain employment, as a chef at Perkins and as a retail worker and to focus on other issues that had held us back in the past.

Tristian & Deanna, Ames
Restaurant and Retail Workers

I’ve been on my own since I was 13. I fell into addiction and lost my world, including my children. I was homeless for five years until I found help through New Visions. I now have a home to call my own with my children and have the opportunity to work at New Visions as a way to give back and help others.

Rachel, Council Bluffs
Homeless Services Worker

I was an alcoholic and got into some trouble. I was at my lowest and even spent some time in jail. My time at The Heal House changed my life – I’m now a better person – I’m sober, gainfully employed and looking forward to advancing in my career – and best of all, my children are back in my life.

Yogi Casanova, Indianola

2022 State Investments

Emergency Solutions Grant Program


Iowans in need assisted

Shelter Assistance Program

$2.1 million

to support operations of homeless and domestic violence shelters

Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS


to assist Iowans with HIV/AIDS

Investment Breakdown

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS

Homeless HOPWA

Shelter Assistance Program

Homeless SAF

Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Homeless ESG

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