Homeless Assistance

Helping Iowans get back on their feet and gain successes not only in housing, but also in employment, health and a fresh start.

If it hadn’t been for YSS, my life might have taken a drastically different path during my darkest moments. Their support was instrumental—I obtained my CNA certification, honed my budgeting skills, and prioritized my mental well-being. Without question, YSS not only changes lives but saved mine.

Maranda Jurado, Marshalltown
Grad Student

Thanks to Frontier Co-op’s Breaking Down Barriers program, I’ve found my footing again. Today, I have my own home, a reliable vehicle, and a sense of stability. The prospect of owning a house, something I once only dreamed of, now feels within reach. Frontier has truly transformed my life, and I’m forever grateful.

Alisia Weaver, Norway
Frontier Co-op

I was an alcoholic and got into some trouble. I was at my lowest and even spent some time in jail. My time at The Heal House changed my life – I’m now a better person – I’m sober, gainfully employed and looking forward to advancing in my career – and best of all, my children are back in my life.

Yogi Casanova, Indianola

2023 State Investments

Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Iowans in need assisted

Shelter Assistance Program

to support operations of homeless and domestic violence shelters

Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS

to assist Iowans with HIV/AIDS

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Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS

Homeless HOPWA

Shelter Assistance Program

Homeless SAF

Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Homeless ESG

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