Iowa Title Guaranty

Protecting Iowans’ property titles and reinvesting our profits right here in Iowa.

When I encountered a dispute with a closing, I contacted Iowa Title Guaranty, they were so helpful and got everything straightened out. Iowa is the only state in the country with a system like Iowa Title Guaranty and it’s worth it’s wait in gold for Iowans.

Lorraine Bowans, Coralville

When we went to refinance our home we discovered that the previous owner’s ex-wife was still on our deed. When it was suggested to me to contact Iowa Title Guaranty it took a matter of weeks for them to resolve the matter. I’ve benefited first-hand from ITG and I’m sure to communicate these benefits to homebuyers that I work with.

Allison Langan, Davenport
Homeowner and Realtor®

As a lender than works throughout the country, When I see other state’s title charges, I quickly realize how lucky we are to have Iowa Title Guaranty. I did a deal in Texas, the title charge alone was nearly $4,000. This savings paired with the reinvestment of funds back into our state leaves no question that Iowa Title Guaranty is the best option for Iowa homeowners.

Shannon Thome, West Des Moines
Fidelity Bank

I’m proud to work with Iowa Title Guaranty. In most cases, the owner will receive free owner’s coverage for any defects in title that would come up after the closing. It’s simply a great system and product for Iowans.

Samuel Argall, Iowa City
Johnson County Title & Settlement LC & Samuel Argall Law Firm PLLC

Iowa Title Guaranty Commercial provides a one-stop shop for commercial services with consistently excellent service through their team of attorney closers.

Nathan Barber, Des Moines
Attorney, Belin McCormick

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Iowa Residential Properties

$30.3 billion

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Mortgage Release Certificate Program

Mortgage Release Certificate Program

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