Iowa Title Guaranty

Protecting Iowans’ property titles and reinvesting our profits right here in Iowa.

Iowa Title Guaranty is good for homebuyers and good for Iowa.

Iowa Mortgage Lender Interviews

Iowa Title Guaranty is an amazing benefit to Iowa homeowners because it keeps title prices low and then that money helps fund programs like Iowa Finance Authority’s down payment assistance program. The lower entry cost to buying a home benefits Iowa homebuyers with those funds going to programs that really help people get into the housing market.

April Holden
Cedar Rapids Mortgage Lender

Iowa Title Guaranty invests back into the community through programs for first-time homebuyers and affordable housing. Iowa’s titles are the cleanest in the nation for a reason, and Iowa Title Guaranty is what makes that possible.

Scott Hall, Des Moines

Iowa Title Guaranty is extremely accessible. And when you look at Iowa Title Guaranty’s fee structure compared to title insurance, there’s a world of difference. It’s making it affordable for Iowans pursuing the dream of homeownership.

Randee Slings, West Des Moines
President, Iowa Title Company

When we went to refinance our home we discovered that the previous owner’s ex-wife was still on our deed. When it was suggested to me to contact Iowa Title Guaranty it took a matter of weeks for them to resolve the matter. I’ve benefited first-hand from ITG and I’m sure to communicate these benefits to homebuyers that I work with.

Allison Langan, Davenport
Homeowner and Realtor®

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Mortgage Release Certificate Program

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